The Anansi Trio is a group of like-minded musicians drawing from a wide range of musical influences. Using the language of Jazz as their starting point they also use elements of Afro-Cuban and Indian music as well as other global traditions. Using percussion, saxophones and acoustic bass they create a music that’s unique and experimental yet remains accessible. With a diverse rhythmic approach and a focus on improvisation, The Anansi Trio hopes to put their own stamp on the American legacy known as Jazz.

"On the groups debut album "On The Path" the sound is lean and clean, with just the right amount of breathing room...Their album is smartly titled, whichever direction the music takes it always feels like forward motion." - Chris Richards, The Washington Post 

"The Anansi Trio's ability to put together and embellish effective melodies is amazing. Together they continue to be a unique and stimulating presence in the jazz world that deserves more attention." - Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

 Anansi Trio's new CD "Calling" is available in digital formats at iTunes and Amazon.com.  







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